Why Is My Hair damaged? Five Answers You Should Read!

Today, hair damages are one of the most common problems that women encounter. In order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, we must take a closer look at all the reasons of why hair damage occurs. Here are some of them:

*Overshampooing. We all love to wash our hair on a daily basis. With all the pollution that we encounter day after day, it is natural for us to want to wash it off every day. However, washing if not done properly may strip off the hair’s ability to protect itself from environmental factors. Today, almost all shampoo manufacturers have invested not only their money but also their time and effort to come up with a shampoo formula that will most benefit the hair, too much of a good thing is bad. Excessive use of something good will eventually yield negative results. When you use shampoo more than what’s necessary, it will strip off moisture from your hair, making it look dry, damaged and lifeless.

* Blow drying, ironing or curling. Most of the styling techniques that we have today involve the use of heat. Although this may make your hair look extremely gorgeous, this may damage it as well. When you place your hair in the surface of flat or curling iron, you are literally frying your hair! One of the reasons why our hair is damaged is the daily use of such styling aids without proper protection. If you really need to style your hair, do it periodically and not on a regular basis. If you will keep on doing this, it might bring permanent damage to your hair.

* Avoid chemical treatments. Most people think that a better alternative to all the heating and frying are chemical hair treatments. Well, this is a lot farther from the truth. Our hair are composed of proteins that are bound together by various bonds. When you regularly treat your hair with chemicals– colorants, rebonding, keratin and many more– chemicals may break down such bonds, which will make them weaker. If you do this continuously, it will lead to brittle hair. Eventually, you will have to deal with hair breakage—one of the most damaging hair problem you will encounter. Avoid this ny employing the proper products, process and techniques.

* Perming. In this process, chemicals are used to manipulate the strand of the hair in order to curl or straighten it. When you make use of this chemical styling process, you will be breaking the inner structure of the hair. This process breaks down the healthy hair in order to create unhealthy curls and the same goes for straightened hair. Where’s the goodness in that?

* Environmental factors. Aside from the hair treatments and chemicals that we have today, the environment is also filled with things that can certainly create damage to our lovely hair. Such factors include dust, wind, sunlight, heat and water. All these factors can certainly make our hair look dry and frizzy.

* Overbrushing. When you brush too much, your hair will lose its elasticity and will be brittle, making it more prone to hair breakage.


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