Want Toner Legs Without Cosmetic Surgery?

Flabby legs may prevent some women to wear skirts and a pair of sexy jeans, the good news is there are a number of ways on which you can tone your legs. Exercise and diet are the two most common combinations among them, but is it possible to tone legs through diet alone?

Diet and Tone Legs

Is diet alone enough to achieve a tone legs? The answer is not quite, diet alone cannot contribute to tone legs but it can help you achieve a toner pair of legs especially when it is done together with exercise. So why not diet alone? Because toned muscles can only be achieved by following a constant cycle of relaxation and contraction, when the muscles are at this constant state, it adjusts or adapts and make itself toner or harder. Activities that require use and effort from the muscles make the muscles stronger and harder, increasing these activities make the muscle adjust and thus the muscle may become bigger, toner and stronger. This process is not entirely possible with diet alone, and so dietary regimens to tone legs may not have full blown results.

But that does not remove diet from the whole picture; diet still has important contributions in achieving a toner and leaner muscle. Proper dietary choices and correct diet regimens help eliminate, or lessen the probability of accumulating fat in the body. When there is too much fat, some of them may accumulate in areas like the belly and thigh. The accumulation can now disrupt the shape of your legs making it flabbier.

Diet is also an important partner of exercise, the two are almost inseparable. Aside from preventing fat accumulation, proper diet also helps get you through the exercise regimen. Remember that exercise requires a lot of energy, and the main source of our energy is food. Correct dietary approaches provide you with the necessary nutrients you need during the physical activities and most importantly provide you with the appropriate energy you will need to complete your exercise regimen.

Diet and Exercise for Tone Legs

The combination of healthy foods and proper exercise is what you will need to get tone legs. Proper diet involves foods or snacks with the appropriate amount of nutrients and calories that you need. This amount must also fit your lifestyle and activities, don’t eat so much that the body cannot burn the calories. Some of the snacks you can munch before a toning activity are:

1. Chocolate Milk – this gives 100 calories per serving, it contains milk which has calcium for stronger bones and also chocolate which is a source of glucose for energy. Just remember to take this before an exercise regimen.

2. Protein Bar – snack on a bar which contains at least 3 grams of protein and less than 100 calories. You can combine this with an orange juice spritzer, which in combination gives 125 calories.

3. Mexican Cheese Melt – use a whole wheat tortilla, half a low fat cheese stick, heat in a microwave and dip in a salsa.

After munching on these healthy pre exercise snacks you can now proceed to exercises to have tone legs, walking and jogging are just two of the most effective exercises for toning.

Written by Mary Johnson, this article along with other web based articles written by Mary offers non-surgical cosmetics information for those who want to improve certain areas without going under the knife or through a particular cosmetic procedure.

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