Tips to Finding the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


We, women, are notorious for targeting our tresses as we undergo a major transition in our lives. Well, we cannot blame ourselves. A new haircut is somehow indicative of a fresh start, of us embracing change.

The only downside is when you cut your hair shorter and realize the new look does not work for you. Hence, it takes planning before you head to the salon. The new haircut you select should match your face shape. With that, it is imperative that you first determine where yours falls under.

Measure the width and height of your face. You will need the help of a tape measure for this but if you want to make it less technical and faster, then you can always check out sample photos of various face shapes and compare yours.

A simple search online will do the trick.

Basically, there are six types of shapes : oval, round, diamond, heart, square and oblong. There are particular haircut that complements each shape. Let us talk about that one by one.


Soften the strong features on your face by wearing side-swept bangs or a wavy hairstyle. Tapered bangs which goes longer on the sides, while on the forehead just above your eyebrows is also another option.

Heavy, thick,straight bangs will only add emphasis on your jaws. If you prefer short haircut then go for layered ones.


Your jawline and cheekbones are both wide. So when you wear bangs, your goal should be to make your face look longer and to reduce focus on your prominent cheekbones.

Go for side-swept bangs. You can also keep your hair long and then look into a layered haircut, or a way one for a change.


Picture Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna. They are examples of celebrities with diamond-shaped face. Their chin is pointed, and their cheekbone is high-set. Their face also appears longer than wider.

The haircut that are highly likely to work well with your face is that which places emphasis on the nape to smoothen out strong features of your face. Bob haircut for instance.


Reese Witherspoon is a perfect example. In this case, that one thing you need to soften is your prominent chin. Wearing side-swept bangs shall help do the trick.


This is perhaps the type of face that is easiest to style.

You can get away with almost any hairstyle there is so the only concern you will have to deal with now is to pick that which draw attention from what you think is the not so flattering feature on your face. Say your nose, or your wide forehead.


Bangs best suit you because they help keep your forehead from view. Beware of straight haircut as it only makes the face look even longer.

Check out hairstyle that make your face appear longer. Make negotiations with your stylist easier by preparing images of sample hairstyles you want. The photos shall do the talking for you!

Note that it also depends on your hair type which haircut will look best on you. Straight hair is easier to style as it falls on the right places, but that does not mean that you cannot style your curly, wavy tresses.


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