The Dos and Don’ts of Giving a Spa Day Gift

If you are looking for that ideal gift for a special someone, you want to give a memorable gift that will be adored,  whether that someone is a relative, your partner, a colleague, or a friend, it can be difficult to choose one that really hits the spot. There’s  always the risk of getting it wrong and that nagging doubt that  – they won’t appreciate it, it won’t fit them, or they already have one exactly like it.


So, as a gift-giver, how do you find that fail-safe gift? Well, you’ll be happy to know that giving the perfect gift is made much simpler with gift vouchers. What’s great about a gift voucher is that it eliminates the risk of choosing a gift that the recipient may not like or indeed want – instead, you are presenting them with something that they can use as and when they wish.

A spa voucher is the ideal gift for that special someone

This being said, you can go a step further by purchasing a spa voucher. With a spa voucher, you can never go wrong. Why? Because everyone needs to de-stress, detoxify, and pamper themselves at some point. Everyone appreciates a special day when they can just relax and leave all their worries behind.

But what are the dos and don’ts of buying a spa voucher gift? We’ve made it easier for you by listing down some top considerations:

Do buy online

When buying a spa gift card, you can opt for the traditional route and purchase a voucher you’re your favourite spa, or you can go easy on yourself and purchase a spa voucher online that lets the recipient choose from various spas in their area with various specialities. Even if the recipient lives some distance from you, they can easily choose a spa that is near them, saving them the hassle of a long trip.

Don’t settle for just one spa

This goes back to buying online. Why limit your gift to just one spa when you can have a seemingly endless choice of spas all around the UK? With a spa voucher bought online, you are sure that the recipient will be able to take their pick. You can even be extravagant and purchase a voucher for not just one but several treatments, or purchase a special voucher for occasions such as Mother’s Day.

Do give a gift that is suited to the recipient’s personality

You can say that a spa gift voucher is not a personalised gift, but this is where you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that gives the recipient the opportunity for some me-time and pampering. You can actually choose the type of voucher to give: If you have lots of money to spare, you can send your loved one on a spa break for the weekend. Or, for a colleague, you can choose a simple manicure or pedicure passage. For your partner, you can also go all-out and purchase a couple’s spa experience. Whatever the recipient prefers, you can be sure to find a spa package (and the corresponding voucher) that suits them.

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