Perform Yoga Eye Exercises

Yoga Eye Exercises

When your eyesight gets worse, an optometrist is likely to prescribe eyeglasses. But did you know that there are centuries old yoga eye exercises that have helped restore perfect vision to millions? And with little to no side effects as well?

Well, before you settle on eyewear, consider yoga eye exercises that are just as effective. Below, therefore, we take a look at some easy steps in performing these exercises as follows:

Massaging the eyelids

Using your ring fingers’ tips, begin by massaging the lower eyelids in gentle and short circular movements.

Halfway close your eyes

Since our upper eyelids are constantly trembling with varying amplitudes, try and concentrate on curbing this trembling. And to make this slightly easier, concentrate on objects that are further from you.
Close your eyes slowly such that they end up looking like puffy clouds then try and be as comfortable as you can in this position. All this as oxygenated blood is flows through the eye sockets. When inhaling, imagine the air coming from the nasal passage and into the eyes, then exhale through your mouth. Carry out this exercise for about two minutes before concluding it with a smile.

Concentrate on your nose tip

Next, concentrate your vision squarely on the tip of your nose such that your eyes appear to be coming together.

Remember to blink

Blinking is essential for cleansing and lubricating the eyes as well as relaxing the surrounding muscles. It is fundamental in yoga eye exercises.

Stretch your eye muscles

While seated straight, turn and look to your furthest right side. Hold on to this gaze briefly as you stretch the eye muscles before returning to your original position. Relax and blink your eyes for a few seconds then repeat the exercise before pausing to blink again. This exercise should be repeated for other positions such as left, bottom, up, right top corner, left bottom corner, right bottom corner etc. Remember to blink in between changing positions.

Draw figures with your eyes

Try sketching out a horizontal figure 8 using your eyes. Your eye movements should correspond to how you would draw the figure if given a piece of paper. Do not forget to blink in readiness for the next exercise.

Trace out circles too

In the same way you have managed to draw the horizontal number 8, now try doing the same with circles. For greater effect, try tracing circles in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner.

Relax your eyes by palming them

Eye relaxation can also be achieved by placing your palms on the top of your eyes.

Get ready for dynamic exercises

This is done by spending about three minutes giving your eyes an acupressure massage to prepare for the upcoming set of dynamic eye exercises.

Sit straight

Again, while seated straight, look to your furthest right position and then immediately shift your gaze to the furthest left position. Repeat this about thrice then blink for a few seconds. Repeat the same range of eye movement only that this time try and look diagonally or up and down i.e. from the right bottom corner to the left upper corner or form the right upper corner to the left bottom corner etc. Ensure that you repeat each movement about 4 times whilst blinking in between.

Include focusing exercises in your program

Place an object at a specified distance and then alternate viewing the said object with looking at your nose tip. Repeat this severally before placing the object at a different distance. Try to be dynamic and inventive.

Relax your eyes by palming them

Again, end your yoga eye exercises by placing your palms over the eyes so as to relax them. Remember, it is advisable not to engage in exercises whenever you feel that your eyes are tired.

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