My Beauty Regime for Nights Out Clubbing

This summer I plan on hitting some of the biggest clubs in the Balearics when I visit the islands on my holidays. I’ll be spending 10 nights in Ibiza and four nights on the isle of Majorca, just to get the most out of the clubbing experience. I’m looking forward to hearing sets from top DJs including Avicii and Calvin Harris, and it’s also just great fun to spend time with my favorite girlfriends too! We’re typical girls in that we spend a lot of time getting ready for our nights out, which generally involves a fair bit of hogging the mirror but sharing each other’s shoes, clothes and accessories. Here’s what I do to get ready for our big nights out…

Do a face mask

Earlier on in the day I will use a face mask to clean my face and soothe any irritation from leaving makeup on the night before. Obviously this isn’t ideal, but when I get back to my apartment after a long night of partying, taking my makeup off isn’t exactly my number one priority! I prefer ones in cucumber and Aloe Vera as I tend to have sensitive skin anyway.

Wash my hair

If I’ve been recovering on the beach, I’d definitely wash my hair before going out again that night. I hate having bits of sand all over the place and I’d prefer my hair to be silky smooth so I can style it properly. When I’m on holiday I tend to bring moisture rich conditioner too as it helps to repair some of the damage caused by the sand, sea and sun.

Use waxing strips

Just like my hair, I want my legs to be smooth too. I use premium quality waxing strips so my legs don’t get too irritated. Sometimes I’ll get one of my girlfriends to help me with this, just so it feels like we’re in a spa instead of our holiday apartment. Once I’ve achieved the desired effect, I make sure to keep my legs moisturized and out of the sun.

Do false lashes

My favorite look in the club is when I have voluminous eyelashes. One of my friends is a trained eyelash technician so she does our eyelashes for us and they look excellent! I have a few different mascaras as well for when I don’t have false eyelashes on; although I would always choose the fake lashes when possible.

Raid my makeup bag

Finally, I couldn’t go to the club without my favorite makeup on. I bring quite a bit on holiday with me just so I can pull off a range of colors and looks, but my favorite is gold and earthy tones. I make sure to bring along a slighter darker shade of foundation than I would use at home as it often blends better once you’ve picked up a tan. Another holiday favorite is bronzing pearls as they give you a beautiful natural glow even once the sun has set.

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