How do You Remove Unwanted Hair, Permanently?

Unwanted hair is a common cosmetic issue not only for women but also for men. There are a number of ways on how to manage the growth of unwanted hair, however most of these options are temporary and has a lot of side effects.

There are only two known treatments for permanent hair removal: Laser and electrolysis. Let’s take a closer look on how these work.

Laser Hair Treatment

Treatment of hair through lasers is in fact an FDA approved treatment for a permanent hair reduction. Please take note of the term “permanent hair reduction” which means it is approved for reducing th growth of the hair significantly. In order to achieve a permanent removal of the unwanted hair, multiple sessions of the treatment is required.

How Does Lasers Work?

What laser equipment do is to emit a pulsed light on the area affected. This pulsed light is usually targeted on the dark pigment of the hair called melanin, this then impairs the follicle of the hair (the part where the hair grows). This causes the hair to fall out.

As said earlier, laser hair treatments are usually done in multiple sessions in order to get the full results. This is because our hair undergoes different stages of growth: first one is growing, second one is resting and finally shedding. Because all of the hair on the affected area is not at the same stage of growth, multiple sessions of laser treatments is needed in order to make sure that growth is impaired at all stages.

The Good

The good thing about laser treatments is it can give significant results. After treatments hair becomes less noticeable and requires less waxing or shaving. With less shaving and waxing, skin becomes smoother and silkier. According to experts, laser treatments can reduce hair growth up to 80%

Another advantage of having laser treatments is you can save more time. Unlike other treatments, lasers are not that time consuming. This is in contrast with electrolysis, where each hair follicle is treated. Lasers are usually done in an about an hour and the treatment can cover large areas at once.

The Bad

Just like other treatments, there are a couple of side effects to know and prepare for. Scarring, from burns and blisters can be one. Although this is not common, it can still happen.

The cost is another disadvantage; treatments can hit an average of $200 to $900. The treatment also requires multiple sessions, and each session has a month of space between. Finally, not everyone is a candidate for laser treatments, those with dark hair and light skin are suited for the procedure, it does not work for those with blonde or red hair.

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