Getting Rid of Wrinkles with Facial Yoga

The signs of aging are most prevalent on the face. Laugh lines, crows feet, and under-eye wrinkles can play havoc on a person’s appearance. Many people opt for plastic surgery to look younger once again. Before going through the expense and pain of surgery or botox injections, consider trying an all-natural, pain-free option. Consider trying facial yoga.

How Does Facial Yoga Work?

Facial yoga is performed using a series of facial poses done in sequence that are held and repeated. The poses have been shown to increase blood flow, stimulate cell growth, and tighten the muscles. This all helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The poses can also aid in the reduction of excess weight on the face.

Facial Yoga Routine

Below is a beginner’s sample routine of facial yoga. Try practicing this routine every day to achieve the best results. Add more repetitions as you become more comfortable with the poses. As you become more comfortable, you could increase the frequency of the routine to twice a day or more, depending on when you have a little time to spare.

While these poses may seem awkward at first, you will soon become comfortable with doing them. Try watching yourself in the mirror to ensure that you are doing the poses correctly. You will also be able to see easily which muscles and facial areas are being affected by the exercises.

1) Place your fingertips on your temples. Pull the skin back while closing your eyes at the same time. Relax and repeat 5 times. This pose helps to reduce wrinkles under and at the corner of the eyes.

2) Purse your lips together then move them side to side. Relax and repeat 5 times for each side. This pose helps to tighten the muscles of the cheeks, reducing the appearance of laugh lines.

3) Turn your head up as if you are looking at the sky. Open your mouth as wide as you can then close it. Repeat 5 times. This pose helps tighten the muscles of the jaw, reducing the double chin.

4) Facing forward, stick out your tongue and say, “Ah.” Repeat 5 times. This pose reducing the double chin, as well as wrinkles in the neck.

5) Pucker up your lips and blow kisses to the air. Repeat 5 times. This pose helps tone the chin and cheek muscles, reducing the appearance of laugh lines.

6) Open your eyes as wide as you can. While your eyes are open all the say, look from side to side. Try doing this for 30 seconds to start. This pose helps to tighten the muscles around the eyes and forehead, reducing the appearance of crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles.

Before trying plastic surgery or anti wrinkle injections to get rid of wrinkles, give these exercises a try. Facial yoga does not have the potentially dangerous side effects as surgery or botox injections, nor is it painful. There is no swelling or inflammation involved. Plus, the poses are free, costing you nothing more than a few minutes of your time a day. Practicing these poses daily can help to reduce the signs of aging on the face. Results may not be immediate like surgery or botox injections, but perseverance could pay off with a more youthful, radiant face.

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