Beauty Do’s and Don’ts During Prom Night

It had been years and yet you can still remember the thrill high school prom brought.

You spent weeks or maybe even months visualizing the dress you want. You prayed hard to end up with an escort you like. You’ve argued with mom and dad about the dress you should be picking.

On the flip side, who would forget the mishaps? The makeup that had gone overboard. The hairstyle that you swear you never will wear again, no matter what. At least now you can manage laughing at them as you look back.

And of course, you never would hesitate sharing beauty tips you wish someone told you that time like these listed below. Feel free to add yours.



Dress comfortably.

Do not choose a dress just because it looks good on photos or the mannequin. Walk around wearing the dress. Do the same with the shoes you’re picking. You will never enjoy the prom if you cannot move comfortably. Remember you will be dancing one way or another. You should be able to carry your outfit with confidence.


Pay attention to your T-zone.

Sure, there will be countless photo opportunities. And for that, you cannot afford to look like a mess. You will not have that much time retouching so it pays that you monitor your T-zone – from your forehead to your nose line which usually appears the oiliest part of your face.


Survive the drama.

Expect the worst to come. Someone will be wearing the same dress as yours. Your crush is to date that girl you hate. One student putting up a diva mood. Someone picking up a fight at you. Your escort screws up. All these are part of the prom drama that you are to encounter. But on that night, remember you are too beautiful to feel upset.



Put too much makeup on.

The simpler, the better. Avoid putting thick and dark eye shadow. Otherwise, you will look as though you’re attending a punk party.  Beware of tendencies your make up would get messed up. Mascara spreading down your cheeks for instance. Take with you a lipstick and face powder so you can do the retouch on your own. But take it easy. You do not want to spend the entire night locked at the rest room. You should be out mingling with the rest of the students, making memories.


Allow dress malfunction ruin your night.

Be ready with anything you can use to remedy wardrobe malfunction just in case. Of course it is the last thing you want or anybody would want to happen. But it is better to be safe than sorry. bring fashion tape as your emergency go-to.


Put your hopes up too high.

Be realistic when setting expectations. And when you do set expectations, know that something’s bound to go out of hand. In case anything negative happens, learn to let go. So not all your wishes for the night have been granted. That’s okay. Be happy still. Have fun. After all, proms do not happen all the time.


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