6 Tips to Ensuring Healthier Vacations

Just because you are in a foreign land does not mean that you cannot make good food choices.

Planning is crucial in ensuring that you are able to eat healthy during vacations.

Here are few tips how you can sustain a healthy diet  even when you are traveling abroad.


Bring your own snacks .

Pack in fresh fruits as snacks.

Restaurants might be full-packed and you cannot always afford waiting in long queues. Oatmeal packets will also make quick healthy snacks. If you can, prepare your own sandwich at home. This requires that you go to the grocery or local market to pick ingredients you need.

At least here, you are sure what you are eating and how it is prepared. Encourage your travel buddies to divide costs with you so you all can trim down your individual expenses.


Look for local restaurants.

Small establishments are more likely to use local ingredients.

You will not have time to check each restaurant or dining area so it pays that you as well conduct advanced research. Look into menus and determine which one fits your taste, and budget.

Once you are there, inquire as well about how dishes are prepared. Feel free to request the chef that they for instance lessen dressing that they place on the salad, or add more greens instead of pork. They are most likely to grant your request most especially when they see you are not from the area. They would want to impress!


Pack medications.

Do not forget to bring your medications or vitamins.

Language barriers may give you a hard time purchasing medicines in local pharmacy stores. Even when you are up and about, do not forget to keep up to your schedule taking medicines.

Travel on foot.

Skip short vehicle rides when you can walk your way to your destination.

This shall not only help you save funds. It also allows you do some exercises. In addition, walking gives you more opportunities to explore. You witness locals in their everyday routine.

Don’t expect that you will lose pounds during your short vacation though. More so, do not be too hard on yourself being overly cautious about what you’re eating.


Bring water bottle.

Always include a water bottle in your pack.

You will be walking around and you need to keep yourself dehydrated. The cost of bottled water easily piles up. The price may be a lot steeper when you’re purchasing from a touristy area.

Plus, it’s also not environment-friendly. It adds unnecessary luggage too. You know you will have to carry the plastic bottles around until you find a garbage bin.


Set itinerary.

Plan your schedule for the day and see to it that you allot time for meals.

Do not skip breakfast. You need energy the most when you are traveling. Also, eating on time ensures that you do not overeat at night.

Wake up early. This is so you will not have to rush your way out. This is also so you have time to prepare snacks you’re bringing along.


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